What to Wear for a Beach Vacation

What to Wear for a Beach VacationThe average beach vacation includes a wide range of activities, from relaxing on hot sand to catching waves in crisp ocean water to land- and sea-based sports. Then there are long evenings of cool, breezy walks and hot nights on the dance floor. Beach travelers should keep all these factors in mind when dressing for their vacation. Items like sunglasses and swimsuits are obvious, but there’s also a variety of attire that’s necessary for any beach vacation.

When you go to the beach, all you truly need is a bathing suit! Wear a cover-up, hat, and sunglasses to protect against the sun. If you want to easily go out to eat or hit the boardwalk, wear a tank and shorts or maxi dress. Throw all of your stuff in a canvas beach tote, and wear flip-flops or sandals to the shore. With a few items, you can easily dress for the beach.

Choose a bikini if you want a fun and flirty two-piece bathing suit.

What to Wear for a Beach VacationSelect a bikini top with underwire if you want extra support, or go with a thin strappy set for a flirty, sexy choice. Pick your favorite style, color, and you’ll be ready for the beach!
For instance, choose a hot pink bikini for a cute option, or go for a floral pattern for a summertime style.

Try a one-piece or tankini for a more conservative style.

Tankinis are also a two-piece style, but they have a more modest top. One-piece bathing suits come in open-back, deep “V” necklines, and monokini options if you want a flirty touch. These bathing suits come in all sorts of patterns and colors, so choose one that catches your eye and suits your style.
Women’s bathing suit tops usually are sized by bust measurement, and bottoms often correspond to your pant size.
A monokini is a one-piece style with an open back and cut-outs on the side. This is essentially a bikini that also covers your tummy.

Mix and match your bathing suit tops and bottoms for a versatile look.

If you have a few pairs of bikinis or tankinis, consider swapping out certain tops and bottoms to customize your swimwear. This is a great way to change up your style and add a personal touch to your outfit.
For instance, if you have a royal blue bikini and a polka-dotted tankini, you can wear the polka-dotted tankini top with the blue bottoms.
If you are wearing a feminine style bathing suit, you can wear boardshorts in addition to your bathing suit bottoms. They can be more comfortable when walking around the boardwalk or taking a stroll down the shore.

Select a pair of swimming trunks for a masculine style.

Swim trunks are made out of waterproof material, and they dry very quickly once you hop out of the water. You can choose neutral-colored trunks for a subtle style, or try a bright pair for a summery look. Shades of blue, orange, and green are great choices.

Men’s bathing suits are sized based on your waist measurement.

Wear a swim shirt or rash guard to keep you covered. Swim shirts and rash guards are short-sleeve or long-sleeve, waterproof garments. You may want an extra layer if the water is chilly, especially if you are surfing. They can also help prevent chafing and sunburn.

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