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Packing Tips for Your Beach Vacation

Packing Tips for Your Beach Vacation

Packing Tips for Your Beach VacationTrips to the beach destinations can be enormous fun, especially when you are going to exotic locations such as the Bahamas, The Caribbean, or Mexico. It is a great opportunity to make priceless memories with friends and family. Enjoying the sun, relaxation, and recreational is something that we all need.

However, planning for a beach vacation is the most important thing you must do before heading out. And let me tell you, no matter how much you plan you will always forget one thing or the other. But, don’t worry! This Article presents you Packing Tips for Your Beach Vacation that will ensure your beach trip stress-free and memorable.

1. Sunscreen

Packing Tips for Your Beach Vacation
It is an essential thing to carry to a beach vacation, but make sure the sunscreen is red safe. It is a common knowledge for all that the regular sunscreens cause a lot of damage to the sea and ocean life. So, it is better to opt for a sunscreen that not only protects you from the harmful sun rays but also does not harm the aquatic plants and animals

2. Pack Light

Packing Tips for Your Beach Vacation
We all have been guilty of overpacking. When packing for a vacation keep in mind the destination you are visiting. There are also many DIY packing hacks available online to help you with. If you’re going to a beach destination, make sure to pack light.
When you’re going on a beach vacation, it is understood that most of the time you’ll spend on the beach. Packing fancy outfits and heels is unnecessary because most of them will be ruined in the sand. Most probably you won’t be wearing them. It is advisable to pack something light such as shorts, tank tops, maxis, etc.

3. Always Bring a Bikini / Swimsuit or Sarong

Packing Tips for Your Beach Vacation
Perhaps one of the most essential things to pack for a beach vacation is your bikinis. Bring 2 swimsuits, one you can wear whilst the other one is drying. A sarong is a basic piece of clothing that everyone should have in their closet. They are light, tend to dry up faster, and are perfect for all your ‘chilling on the beach’ pictures. The shops by the beach sell them at an unreasonable price. It is advisable to buy a sarong in advance.

4. Sunglasses

Packing Tips for Your Beach Vacation
Invest in a good pair of sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays. When on the beach it is recommended to wear sunglasses that have larger lenses. If you plan to wear these glasses in the water, be sure to buy straps so that you don’t lose them. We recommend that kids wear sunglasses too, to protect their eyes.

5. Mat or Blanket

Packing Tips for Your Beach Vacation
You will notice nearly everyone at the beach carrying a beach mat or a blanket on which they lay all their things and sunbathe. You should also take one such mat to your beach vacation. The reasons are many. It will save you from getting sand inside your clothes. The blanket, if thick enough, will also protect you from the heated sand. You can also use a towel as your beach mat.
Some mats even come with pockets in all the sides so that you can put heavy stuff inside them as weights so that the carpet does not fly away with the strong winds!

6. Beach Hat

A pretty hat will not only make you look excellent and fashionable but will also prevent your skin from developing wrinkles before age. It will save your eyes from sunlight, and your face from the sunshine too. A hat is a definite must!

7. Beach Towels

We recommend you carry one to two towels per person- one to dry yourself and the other to lay or sit on. Go for the micro-fiber, lightweight towels that are soft, compact, and absorb water faster.

8. Pack Extra Underwear

Underwears are small and don’t take much room in the bag. It is recommended to carry extra pairs in case of any emergency.

9. Beach Bag

A good beach bag should be lightweight and roomy and should be very easy to clean the sand out of. This bag is all of that, plus it contains an extra cooler in it so you can have that much cooler space! It’s made for traveling, so it will fold up neatly for storage and packing.
Face Mist
Waterproof bag for wet clothes
Water bottle

10. Wear flip-flops or casual shoes

Packing Tips for Your Beach Vacation
This is the most convenient footwear when on a beach. Not only are they lightweight and comfortable to walk in, but are also easy to rinse off. It’s better to wear either flip flops or crocs on the beach so that the sand and water doesn’t stay in your shoes and spoil your favorite pair of footwear.

11. Medicine Kit

Carry a first aid kit with the necessary medicines and pills you might need. It is easier to carry these from your home country as medicines in the country you are visiting might be limited to prescription only. Be sure to carry insect repellent, bandages, and a thermometer as well.

Most importantly, have fun!

Don’t forget to share your tips and tricks with other fellow travelers once you’re back from your vacation.

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