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Importance Of Wearing Barefoot Shoes

In this day and age, barefoot shoes are one of today’s must-haves. Going barefoot is becoming increasingly popular, particularly due to its health benefits as it offers everything that feet need to be healthy. Some people try barefoot shoes out of pure curiosity and end up not wanting to take them off anymore. No wonder, barefoot shoes are not only good for their feet, but they are also surprisingly comfortable.

Here are the 5 main Importance Of Wearing Barefoot Shoes:

1. Strong muscles, healthy feet

Importance Of Wearing Barefoot ShoesBarefoot shoes mirror the shape and the natural curve of the feet, allowing them to move as nature intended. Thanks to the wide shape of the shoes (at the front and on the sides) a wider range of muscles is engaged while walking or running (as compared to traditional shoes). Barefoot Shoes not only strengthen all the muscles in the foot but also help the foot develop in the correct way to prevent deformities.

2. Barefoot shoes help you to go pain-free

Importance Of Wearing Barefoot ShoesAthletes, particularly runners, prefer barefoot shoes, to make their runs healthier. When walking (and running), the heel-to-toe stride causes an impact on the leg that negatively affects the knee and hip joints. Wearing barefoot shoes can help you to learn how to walk correctly, by landing on the balls of your feet (not the heels as we all think). Walking the right way can help you to avoid possible knee injuries. Numerous runners had to quit the sport because of the joint pain caused by running on asphalt. Once they switched to barefoot shoes and the pain had disappeared and they could run on the asphalt and other hard surfaces again with no further issues.

Going barefoot also has a positive effect on the small of the back as it engages all foot muscles and makes you step on the balls of your foot instead of the hell. Long-term use of barefoot shoes can help your back pain disappear as it encourages good body-posture.

3. Barefoot brings you joy

Importance Of Wearing Barefoot ShoesIt may sound crazy but going barefoot can take the stress and tension away, bringing back the joys of everyday life. Hard to believe? Try this easy exercise and make yourself a believer: Walk 10 meters on the pavement in the shoes you normally wear. Now take your shoes off and walk back the same distance barefoot. You can instantly feel the difference. Walking barefoot reminds you of your childhood, it gives you a feeling of freedom and absolute joy. Research has proven going barefoot lowers the blood pressure, overall tension in the body, and the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Going barefoot does not limit your feet in any way; the flexible and thin sole allows you to feel the surface, the shoes are comfortable and you almost forget that you are wearing any. Going barefoot is an amazing way to regain your long lost energy and good mood wherever you go.

4. A whole-body reboot

There are many acupressure points on the feet connecting to different parts of the body. By stimulating these points, one can revitalize various body organs. With the correct amount of pressure is applied to an acupressure point, the connected body organ receives a certain level of electro-stimulation. Imagine going barefoot for your whole life. your feet The ground keeps massaging and activating all of the acupressure points on your feet. Soles of traditional footwear do not allow for such connection, but soles of the barefoot shoes fully support it. Visit our website to enjoy Zaaxee high-performance Barefoot shoes today!

5. Better balance

Did you know that there are more nerve endings in your feet than anywhere else on your body, except for the fingertips and lips? When going barefoot or in barefoot shoes, our brain receives more stimulation and information. By wearing traditional footwear, our brains do not receive detailed information about the surface which can cause us to slip, stumble or even fall. Walking barefoot allows us to be aware of the imperfections of the surface we walk on, which helps us to keep our balance. Wearing barefoot shoes can improve one’s balance.

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