How to Choose The Perfect Picnic Mat

How to Choose The Perfect Picnic MatHow to Choose the Perfect Picnic Mat for you

Whether you picnicking in the park, heading down the beach, going for a hike, or lounging around at a festival, you’ll want the right picnic mat for the occasion. Here are a few suggestions to help you How to Choose The Perfect Picnic Mat.


How to Choose The Perfect Picnic MatUsually, the price of an item dictates the quality you’ll expect to receive but with picnic mats, this isn’t always the case. Picnic mats are made with several different materials and the cost of the material might be what is making the picnic mat expensive and not the build quality. For example, wool is far more expensive than Nylon so a woolen picnic mat will cost considerably more regardless of how well it’s made.


How to Choose The Perfect Picnic MatSize matters in two respects. One, the size once the mat is rolled out on the floor. Most mats are made for two people, so if you wish to accommodate more people you’ll need to pay closer attention to the dimensions. Two, the size of the mat in its rolled upstate. Most picnic mats are relatively small and are designed to be rolled up into as small a space as possible. But some mats fold up into tiny hand size packages, whereas others are the size of a satchel bag. So if storage space is at an absolute minimum, you’ll want to go for the former.


The cost of an item should always be a consideration. Thankfully, you can get great picnic mats that fit all budgets and even the higher end mats will not break the bank. So when deciding on the best picnic mat, I’d say don’t overly focus on the price (unless money is extremely tight) and focus more on the other attributes that fit your needs.

Easy to clean

People often ask, “is a certain picnic mat easy to clean?” It seems a very important factor in deciding which mat to purchase. I, like I’m sure everyone reading this, have a washing machine at home. So as long as the picnic mat is machine washable I’d say it’s easy to clean. Having said that, you do get mats that are better than others. Some are spill-proof, repeal sand, or made from a material where you can just use a damp cloth to clean (saving you on wash loads and saving the environment).


Sitting on a hard floor for hours is no fun, so investigating the comfort of a picnic mat is a must if you plan on spending hours sitting on it. Just a little bit of padding and soft material will make all the difference.

Easy Carrying and Storage

Size obviously plays a part in easy carrying and storage but so does having handles and/or an attached carry bag. My favorite is blankets that come with elastic strips, as separate carry bags or Velcro attachments normally means you have to perfectly roll or fold the picnic mat before carrying it away. Straps give you a little more leeway.


Do you intend to use your picnic mat on concrete, grass, or sand? You might think it doesn’t matter but each comes with its own problems. Concrete is solid and therefore padding becomes more important. The grass is often damp and you’ll need a mat that has some waterproofing on the underside. And of course, sand has the ability to cling to mats regardless of how much you shake it until the very moment you put it in your car. So if you plan to picnic on one particular surface you’ll need to prioritize some aspects of a mat over others. If you plan to picnic on multiple terrains then have a look at our best all-round picnic mat.

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