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6 Different Types Of Skirts You Need To Know About

Skirts a classic women’s garment that comes in countless styles and designs. A skirt is defined as a piece of clothing that’s secured around the waist and drops down around the legs. The result of this is an elegant, feminine item of apparel that’s hugely versatile and can be paired with all sorts of different tops, shoes, and accessories. Finding the right type of skirt, however, is a whole different task! If you’re looking for gorgeous patterns that you can try, here are 6 Different Types Of Skirts patterns for ladies:

Skirts come in all different lengths, from thigh-level to knee-length to calf-height to floor-length. The length of a skirt can determine the occasion that it’s suitable for. A tight miniskirt isn’t ideal for office wear but will look fantastic on a night out. Pencil skirts are a bit plain to wear for a dressy event but make for an appropriate business outfit.

A-Line Skirt

6 Different Types Of SkirtsA-line skirts are perfect for parties as they are quite elegant. They are usually knee-length but come in all sizes. This is why this is one of the most sought-after patterns. While the waistline remains straight, the hemline broadens a little as it moves down.

Mini Skirts

6 Different Types Of SkirtsA mini skirt is defined almost entirely by its length, which is far shorter than many other skirt styles. The classic mini skirt design has a hem that hits less than a foot below the wearer’s bottom. Mini skirts leave most of the legs bare and revealed for a sexy, long-legged look. Buy the latest and exclusive Skirts on ZaaXee.

Maxi Skirts

6 Different Types Of SkirtsMaxi skirts are long and usually low-waisted. They are sleek, worn below your belly button, and go down past your shins and a little different from your long skirts and look great on tall women. They are, of course, a summer staple.

Long Skirt

Long skirts, just like maxi skirts, run till your ankles. However, they are not narrow or straight-cut like maxis. They are just long and come in all kinds of patterns and fabrics.

Pleated Skirts

Different Types Of A Line SkirtsIn this style, the fabric around the waist is gathered and sewn to create pleats. Pleated skirts usually come in lighter fabrics like organza, silk, and satin because thicker fabrics can make the pleats balloon out and give them an awkward shape.

Pencil Skirts

Different Types Of Circle SkirtsPencil skirts are one of the most commonly worn skirt types. They got their same because of the silhouette that they provide; fitting closely to the body, the line created by this skirt variety is as straight as a pencil.

Pencil skirts are tight-fitting much like their distant cousin, the mini skirt. However, these two types of skirts differ significantly in length. Pencil skirts are longer than mini skirts, with a hemline that either hits the knee or hits slightly lower than the knee. The result is a skirt that’s more appropriate for business and formal occasions while maintaining an attractive and feminine style.

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